Getting back to the absolute basic of computer and programming

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Getting back to the absolute basic of computer and programming

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·Sep 8, 2022·

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Hey everyone !

I just read these articles: Absolute beginner's guide to computers and programming, Learn how to code: The beginner's guide to coding and syntax and Computer Number Systems 101: Binary & Hexadecimal Conversions. Oh man, do I love them.

I mean it's just a simple introduction which I already know, but the explanation was spot on and compact. I think it's perfect for a complete beginner to understand.
It explains all the basics needed for us to understand like how to think like a computer, pseudocode, conditions, loops, flowchart, paradigms, syntax, semantics and more.

It mainly shows some examples using Python as it's the easiest to understand language-wise.

Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 19.57.06.png The article about binary is as fun as learning math. I mean, IT IS math and I love it so much. I don't think I'm a genius with math but I do love trying to find answers and solution.

Anyway, for you guys who are new to computer programming, these articles are must read ones.

Until next time. Peace.

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