Starting a life as a coder and blogger

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Starting a life as a coder and blogger

The journey begins.......sort of..

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·Jul 19, 2022·

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Hey everyone !

This is officially my first post of my blog here. You can definitely know the theme/objective of this blog from the title of this post.

To start off, let me be brief about myself. I'm not that unfamiliar with programming. In fact, I have a degree in IT. Though I wasn't that good of a student to say the least.

Going forward, since graduation, I never work for any IT company nor any IT position. I worked at a few small companies (not all at once, of course) as Social Media Executive and Graphic Designer with somewhat low salary. Again, I wasn't that good.

Along the way, I did a few freelancing jobs with websites but those I was just using templates. So no real coding work from my end.
At the end though, my clients are adequately satisfied with my service.

However, I don't really enjoy much of that kind of gig. Maybe because I'm an introvert and shy. Or maybe I just sucked at it.
Nonetheless, I enjoy tinkering with code. I just don't really have the skills and knowledge to build something from ground up on my own.

Starting Over

After a 'lil bit of soul searching, in order for me to be able to build useful stuffs from scratch, I need to start and learn from the beginning. All this while, I was always trying to find ways (shortcuts) to build anything and try to monetise it, which of course, didn't work well.

The problem with starting from scratch is it takes time....a loooong time. So I thought to myself, might as well document the journey. So here I am, blogging.

Choosing and picking programming languages

Since I'm already familiar with coding, I know a bit of HTML, CSS, PHP......meaning I can tell which is which. I know and can read some simple codes but that just about it.

So this time, I want to do it right and proper. I'll share with you guys about me choosing and picking programming languages to start my journey in another post.

Until next time. Peace.

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