Think like a coder

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Think like a coder

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·Oct 16, 2022·

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Hey everyone !

Many of you guys probably already know this but I just discovered a Youtube series a few days ago and it was awesome.
Animated series from TED-Ed called Think Like A Coder.

For those who don't know, this 10-episodes animated series is about an adventure of a protagonist named Ethics and her robot companion, Hedge trying to save the world from bad robots.
She has to complete every mission involving her giving instructions to Hedge to solve programming puzzles in every single mission.

We can try and solve puzzles

Along every mission, they are problems need to be solved and some rules need to be followed. The series gives some hints for us to work with, so we can try and solve the puzzle ourselves.

I myself just briefly tried to solve all the puzzles, and some of it I got, some didn't. But I saw a few comments showing some solutions to the puzzles in detail, which is very cool.

It was a fun series and as a programmer or a newbie, this will excite you.
Anyway, back to learning.

Until next time. Peace.

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