This video hit me hard

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This video hit me hard

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·Oct 14, 2022·

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Hey everyone!

Recently I watched a youtube video about 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Learning To Code from Devslops.


We all know how regrets can ruin and destroy our lives.
So it makes sense for us to listen to the people that have gone through life and obstacles. It doesn't mean we have to follow them all, but when we listen, we can decide better and wiser.

After I watched the video, I amended a few of my decision and one of it was choosing a programming language.
In my previous blog post, I talked about learning Assembly, then C, then C++, yada yada yada...because I wanted to be meaningful or appreciative and some other reasons that although make sense at the time, now I look stupid.

The 5 Things.

In the video, the 5 things the host(Mark) tell about wishing he knew before learning to code are:

  1. You suck as a beginner
  2. People will pay you money
  3. You'll never learn by learning, you learn by building
  4. Choose 1 programming language and stick with it for 1 year
  5. Learn Data Structures and Algorithms right away.

The No. 4 really hit me hard

As much as I know I will suck as a beginner and learn by building, I kind of fixated to learning a lot just to have the option to jump and pick any development I think I can try.
Turns out, it's the worst way to learn coding.
I won't be a master of any language, I won't even be a jack of all trades. I'm a joker.

I chose my ONE programming language

I choose Swift. Mobile app is fascinating to me, like the ability of a simple app on a phone can help improve our lives.
But why Swift, though? Why not Kotlin or better yet, why not Dart & Flutter?

  1. Well first because I love how Apple is very good at integrating hardware and software and I want to utilize that. So going native is the way to go.
  2. I only have to develop for just a small amount of devices to maintain compatibility.
  3. iOS developers generally make more money per download. (At least from what I've read).
  4. I can follow along with whatever devices Apple might offer in the future.

Wish me luck

I think I suffered from information overload that I generally not moving forward. I think too much and not doing at all.
I want to change that and this is the time. I'll stick with learning Swift programming language. Wish me luck.

Until next time. Peace.

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